Terms and Condition

Terms and condition


Definition of a Platarium Fund 

  • Platarium Fund is an international peer-to-peer financing system, in which people voluntarily join together to give and receive financing from others in the system. It is a modern, improved mutual fund that is secured by a payment schedule and deposit insurance with an adaptive system.
  • Platarium Fund is the name of a community of people who joined together voluntarily and decided to fund each other by adhering to these rules. They do this for nothing, gratuitously, with no guarantees, commitments, or promises of reciprocal funding.
  • Explanation. Crowdfunding is not new when people fund projects they like or the initiatives of others. In our system, participants mutually fund private projects without discussing their size.

Registration and participation 

  • Registration. Registration on www.Platarium.com is required to start participation. One participant can have only one registration in the system, where he can create an unlimited number of mutual funding programs.
  • Age. Only people of legal age, i.e. 18 years old, can take part.
  • Personal accounts. Participant carries out financial interaction with other participants of the system only by means of personal accounts, i.e. software posted on the website of the system, which serves for provision and registration of mutual financing of participants.
  • Personal participation. Only personal participation and only personal decision-making and direct communication with Platarium Fund representatives is possible, without mediation of any third parties.
  • Phone. It is mandatory to provide the correct cell phone number and email when registering. The participant must be reachable by phone that can be reached and communicated directly. These are the key conditions for participation. The Platarium Fund system is open to anyone who is willing to interact according to these rules.
  • Technical Support. If a participant cannot handle the technical aspects of the system and the person who invited him or her must still be available by telephone to speak with a Platarium Fund representative about any problems or concerns that arise in connection with the participant's participation. The referrer can assist the participant, but the participant must make all decisions for himself or herself.
  • Representation. If a person wishes to be fully represented by another member, that person may not have a separate enrollment in the system. Platarium Fund representatives will work and communicate with only one of them, the one who represents the interests of both. In that case, there can be only one registration in the Personal Cabinets (PCs) for both of them.

Compensations. It is a violation of this rule to:

  • Creating several additional accounts (registrations) for one person or registration for fake people, is monitored by our security service. If such a situation is found, Platarium Fund will charge the member who has violated the rules a compensation in the amount of 50% of the funds deposited into the accounts of those additional accounts. The remaining 50% is returned to the participant's main "pre-paid" account and can only be used by the participant to participate in the project.
  • Personal information. When registering, to increase the security of your participation, it is recommended to provide your real data, as in some sensitive cases you may be required to establish your identity by showing your documents during a video conference with a representative of the project in order to regain access to your account. This is so we can verify that it is you and not the fraudster or hacker who took over your account or created it to commit fraud. Your first and last name will in any case be hidden from other members. Only your alias is available to all other participants in the system.
  • Denial of participation. Administration has the right to refuse participation of any participant at any time without giving any reason.
  • Security. This rule is necessary only to be able to exclude from the system the participant, for any violation of the rules, or negative actions which threaten administration, the system itself or other participants.
  • Guarantees. The clause about refusal of participation without an explanation is also a direct demonstration of absence of any guarantees and obligations, and the decision to participate in the community, create deposits and carry out financing of other participants is made by the participant himself/herself, consciously, voluntarily, at his/her own risk.
  • Consent. By agreeing to these rules when you register, you automatically confirm that you agree to each clause of the rules, that you act knowingly and voluntarily, and that your use of this website does not violate the laws of your state. In other cases, we ask that you do not make a registration, as it is subject to blocking. Please do not make any such registrations. 


  • Balance. Payout schedule, provides stability to the project and control over the timing of payments. The payment schedule is the key difference between the project and others, it's the main advantage. Having a disbursement schedule protects the project from distortions, creates stability, ensuring the right balance between contributions and disbursements each week.
  • Insurance. Contributions of participants are additionally insured by system of adaptation of the payment schedule. This system ensures long-term performance and protects and insures participants' deposits against all threats. Payout schedule adaptation is needed to continually make incremental adjustments to payout dates and to correct any misalignments that occur over time in the payout schedule if the balance is disturbed. Preventive adaptation is done once a month on a regular basis. Adaptations can be done off-schedule to deal with unexpected crisis situations.